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Shelter Systems has provided shelters worldwide for beyond 30 years. Our

shelters are durable, portable and affordable. Ranging in size from 14 to 30 feet in diameter, our shelters are absolute for sheltering

misfortune victims and

encouragement workers. They along with pay for excellent shelter for arena hospitals,

clinics and amassing spaces for

communities.Rhino Shelter bump

utility Tents offer the best in instant, portable auspices for any environment. The industrial accident service Tent can accommodate up

to 40 people wealthily in hot or chilly

climate. The double fly lid helps condense

heat gain inside the main tent and next provides water rule off thus that the roof windows can stay gate at

all time for maximum ventilation. This model has been a

popular choice along with assist

agencies, specifically the U.N. The frame members slide into each

Inflatable Disaster Relief Tent

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